Amplification du point G

Injection du point G :


Des femmes de tout âge se plaignent de diminution de leur appétit sexuel, de baisse des sensations sexuelles, de difficultés orgasmiques installées au fil du temps. L’injection de produits résorbables (acide hyaluronique) permet dans certains cas d’améliorer de façon transitoire ses troubles sexuels ceci augmentant sa sensibilité et la trophicité locale.


The G spot :


The "G spot" is now recognized as the equivalent of the female prostate. The stimulation is at the origin of vaginal orgasm.


The G-spot is an erectile area of ​​2 to 3 cm in major axis situated in the anterior vaginal wall to 3 cm from the vaginal orifice, halfway between the pubis and the cervix. Its size and sensitivity vary from one woman to another. It has its own muscle responsiveness to various stimuli, and an exocrine function (excretion of vaginal fluid).


Its operation can be disrupted and over time cause a decrease in desire. The causes can be diverse: hormonal origin (lower hormones over time), also accompanying anatomical pelvic floor disorders with loss of perineal tone after childbirth, after pelvic surgery, pelvic floor ... finally with psychological denial perineal primary or secondary anorgasmia.