Capuchon clitoridien

Some women are bothered by the size of the clitoral hood and the clitoris shaft or head (glans). The hood may protrude too much causing the woman to be self-conscious or irritated. She may feel that the protruding hood and clitoris cause a bulge in her clothing or the appearance of a small penis. 

This operation repositions the protruding clitoris and reduces the length and projection of the clitoral hood.

It is also indicated in the woman with mild clitoral enlargement who does not want to undergo a formal clitoris reduction.


If desired by the woman, we can reduce the sides of the clitoral hood while performing labiaplasty or not

However, that does not change the length or projection of the clitoral hood. In order to resolve this situation, we make a V plasty on the lower clitoral hood and setback the clitoris slightly higher with a few sutures. The pulling up and moving in of the head of the clitoris eliminates the protrusion and now allows me to remove some of the longitudinal hood skin. The hood becomes shorter, and the hood and clitoris no longer protrude. There is no risk of nerve injury or sensation change. 

Réduction du capuchon clitoridien :


la peau qui recouvre le clitoris (capuchon) est plus épaisse dans certains cas et ceci peut interférer sur sa stimulation et diminuer sa sensibilité.

La réduction chirurgicale de ce capot, permet à ces femmes d’augmenter leur sensibilité et de favoriser l’ orgasme.

L'intervention est simple et réalisée sous anesthesie locale. Il faut reduire mais pas trop avec une technique de plastie en V.